155 DTM

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo


155 DTM



Limited edition name

DTM 93/94


01.1993 - 01.1994

About model

The 155 was very successful in touring car racing, using the Supertouring-homologated GTA and the V6 TI for the DTM. Between 1992 and 1994, the 155 managed to take the Italian Superturismo Championship, the German DTM championship (both with Nicola Larini at the wheel), the Spanish Touring Car Championship (with Adrián Campos), and the British Touring Car Championship (with Gabriele Tarquini). The 155 remained competitive until it was replaced with the 156, finishing third in the DTM (then known as the International Touring Car Championship, or ITC) in 1996 with Alessandro Nannini and winning the Spanish championship again in 1997 with Fabrizio Giovanardi. In 1993 Larini in an Alfa 155 placed second in the FIA Touring Car Challenge behind Paul Radisich in a Ford Mondeo. The 156 was to continue the high standard set by the 155, winning the European Touring Car Championship multiple times.

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1.7 TS 8v 1749 84 6000 146 3500
1.8 TS 8v 1773 98 6000 165 5000
2.0 TS 8v 1995 104 6000 187 5000
2.5 V6 2492 120 5800 216 4500


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