The thinking behind Options on cars (especially Alfa)

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The thinking behind Options on cars (especially Alfa)

Postby BerlinKhan » Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:18 pm

Let me sort of start at the end: Is the main goal of options to increase customer satisfaction, or is it really to create such a large number of possible combinations that buyers like me give up and custom order a new car instead of buying used?

Let me also say that I think the Giulia is a great car even without either of the above options - though I have to say I do not understand why many car magazines ding the Alfa on the interior vs the Germans (BMW frankly isn't that impressive on the inside) while I thought it was the nicest one I've been in when I first got in (but the one I drove was a Lusso with all the leather, and a lot of people think this feature is really responsible for the first impression).

Anyway, the aforementioned options are only a bit over $1K each when purchasing new, but in the used market the cars that have them seem to be demanding like $4K more than ones that don't. Typically, in used cars, options don't hold their value well at all. These are somehow appreciating.
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