Comparison test betwen the Giulia 208 kW and 7 others

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Comparison test betwen the Giulia 208 kW and 7 others

Postby ImkerHoogenhout » Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:55 pm

In the latest CAR-magazine it was mentioned that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will become available in South Africa with the 280 hp / 208 kW engine in rear wheel drive configuration.

This is the same as in the USA, except that the SA-version will be RH-drive. I found the following comparative test by Motor Trend between the Alfa Romeo and 7 other competitors.

It is interesting to compare the acceleration figures – the Alfa was not quickest off the line, but from 70 mph (±110 km/h) onwards it was the clear leader, up to 100 mph (±160 km/h) and the ¼-mile.

The Volvo S60 T6 has the highest power and torque, but this is not born out in the actual figures.

The Alfa probably has the best road holding of all the cars, but the electronic intervention, which cannot be switched off on the 4-cylinder Alfa (it is switched off in the QV when in “Race”-mode), apparently prevented the car from achieving optimum cornering speeds – power will be reduced to prevent the car from sliding, thus inhibiting the cornering speed that can possibly be attained.

The Alfa Romeo recorded the lowest actual-measured fuel consumption (remember figures are miles / US gallon).

Efficient, economical, quick, safe, and without question the most fun to drive, the Giulia is a car we’re willing to gamble on…..

PS I am battling to add the comparison-spreadsheet.
I have the information on both PDF and MS Excel, but cannot upload these.
I also added these onto the ARCSA page on Facebook.
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