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China Polyacrylamide suppliers

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Pharmaceutical industrial waste water mainly includes antibiotic production waste water, synthetic drug production waste water, Chinese patent medicine production waste water and washing water and washing waste water in the production process of various preparations.Its wastewater is characterized by complex composition, high organic content, high toxicity, deep color and high salinity, especially poor biochemical and intermittent discharge, which is difficult to treat.With the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical wastewater has gradually become one of the important pollution sources.

PAM Apply In Pharmaceutical Wastewater
【characteristics of pharmaceutical wastewater】
Pharmaceutical factory wastewater has much organic, very clutter. Pharmaceutical wastewater can be divided into two types, such as fermentation wastewater (biological pharmaceutical wastewater) and pharmaceutical extraction wastewater (chemical pharmaceutical wastewater). Such wastewater not only have high organics but also a large number of microbial species, but also have high suspended substance and color.The biodegradability of wastewater is poor. The residual antibiotics and high concentration of organic matter in the wastewater make it difficult for traditional biological treatment to achieve the expected treatment effect.Anaerobic treatment of high concentration of organics is difficult to meet the water discharge standard, and further treatment is needed.
(I) the characteristics of biopharmaceutical wastewater are high concentration of organic matter, big fluctuation of COD and BOD, big difference of BOD/COD, high concentration of NH3-N, deep color, high concentration and high SS
(2) chemical pharmaceutical wastewater is characterized by high COD, high salinity and high PH value, single component in lung water is not conducive to microbial growth, and is rich in toxic and non-degradable substances.

【selection of polyacrylamide for sewage of pharmaceutical factory】
In the process of treating pharmaceutical wastewater, the polyacrylamide is usually used. If it is treated with biochemical sludge, polyacrylamide products with higher ionicity will be selected. If the organic concentration is high, even the products with ionicity above 60 will be selected for the best effect. According to the quality of wasterwater, the most critical technical index is to judge the selection of polyacrylamide based on the PH value. If the PH value is less than 7, non-ionic polyacrylamide is usually selected as flocculant or as sludge concentrated precipitator.If the PH is above 7, the most commonly used is anionic polyacrylamide.

The Sewage Flocculant Of Quansen Pharmaceutical Factory
Polyacrylamide flocculant used for wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical factories --Polyacrylamide is a kind of water treatment agent for wastewater treatment.The biological pharmaceutical industry is a major polluter. Its discharge of wastewater not only has high concentration of organic pollutants, but also contains various factors that inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
Therefore, a good treatment effect can be obtained by adopting the general waste water treatment technology.The bio-pharmaceutical industry takes the grain as the raw material, ferments the special medicinal microorganism, after the fermentation liquid passes through the pressure filter filtrate can use the chemical method to extract.There are two main types of wastewater in the pharmaceutical process: fermentation wastewater and extraction wastewater.The fermentation wastewater is mixed with fermentation residue and microbial bacteria, and the suspended substance content is high, which has a strong inhibitory effect on some microorganisms.The suspension can be precipitated by adding coagulant, and the inhibition of the liquid on microorganism is reduced obviously.The extraction of waste water is a kind of waste water after chemical extraction of the filtrate.
Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment special polyacrylamide flocculant treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater flocculants used in the process of general if biochemical sludge treatment is usually selected ion degrees higher cationic polyacrylamide products, if under the condition of high organic concentration, select ion of 60 more than the best results, even if it is electrolytic treatment or front air floated case.According to the quality of sewage, the most critical technical index is to judge the selection of flocculant based on the PH value.
According to the characteristics of pharmaceutical wasterwater, Quansen midium and high ion cationic polyacrylamide is better.
product nameappearancemolecular weight(106)Ion degree(%)Dissolution duration (h) Solid content(%)
7000 seriesWhite particlemidium/highmidium/high≤1.0≥88
【 safety 】
1. Quansen pharmaceutical wasterwater polyacrylamide is powder, it is easy to dissolve if touch with water, The splashes of the product hit or mix with water to make the surface extremely smooth, try to collect all the residue.
2. This product and its aqueous solution are not corrosive to the general materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, glass and glass, etc., for the manufacture of tanks, mixers, gauges and pipelines.
【 storage 】
The original product shall be kept sealed.Storage environments should be a cool, dry and ventilated, at room temperature for 10 ~ 40 ℃.Special precautions should be taken to prevent product absorption.
In accordance with the specified storage conditions, the original packaging products can be stable for at least 12 months.
【 packing 】
25kg composite paper bag /750kg pallet OR customer demand.China Polyacrylamide suppliers
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