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Giulia QV reliability

Postby tomjohn77 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:25 am

I am Alfisti. I loved my 147 and I have bought a busso 3.0 to put into another car someday. I like BMWs a lot too. I have an F30 335i now which is a great car - especially with an exhaust, LSD, gearbox flash etc. The N55 engine is well known and preventative maintenance is thus easy - oil filter housing gasket, valve cover gasket, charge pipe...

My next car will probably be a Giulia QV RWD. Is anything coming out about how these engines are? Do they fall apart anywhere? I know Alfa will have electrical gremlins and any car can have suspension etc fail, but I want to know about issues like the headbolts on the M156 pre update. The gearbox is the familiar ZF so that’s all good.

I suppose this may not be well established yet but we are coming on a couple of years now. What are the highest mileages? My fear is these Ferrari engines that these (with 2 cylinders chopped off) are based on may have never hit higher mileages, or only been driven as special occasion cars etc, and I want a daily to keep.
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