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heating problem

Postby askme77 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:35 am

hello guys you are my last resort before i swap the damn engine. i have alfa 156 SW 1.9 JTD 85kW 2004y, the problem is the engine is running kinda cold at around 85°C when i'm driving slow and careful, but if i start to push the car it wants to heat up even up to 110°C. so far i've replaced thermostat, both thermal switches and relays for the fan. the fan Works, the thermostat Works, waterflow is optimal but the damn thing still isn't fixed. next thing is radiator because i found out that the little "metal leafs" inbetween the radior hoses are pretty destroyed somewhere even missing like some idiot went with a screwdriver and tore them out...could this be the issue or something else?
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