Full Body UV Therpay for psoriasis

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Full Body UV Therpay for psoriasis

Postby wszj111222 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:07 am

The chip-controlled PTL4 ultraviolet phototherapy unit provides whole body UV irradiation and has a hexagonal double door. The inside of the machine feels roomy and comfortable.
Generalized psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis(AD), neurodermatitis, mycosis fungoides(MF), and pityriasis rosea...
Feature and Advantage
● Top-quality, long-lasting Philips lamps provide UV irradiation with a perfect spectrum.
● No need to warm up the machine so it’s convenient to start and stop.
● Hexagonal cabin is comfortable and allows for more even irradiation.
● UV-Meter with a real-time monitoring system for irradiation intensity and automatic plane minor adjustment system guarantee accurate dosing.
● During the irradiation process, information will be displayed on the screen, with a descending time counter according to the base dosage and or time set by the operator. When the timer expires, the buzzer sounds and the lamp shuts off automatically.
● Vents and fans specially designed for lamp panels to improve ventilation and temperature inside the machine.
● A unique permeated protective shield is available to protect patients and the lamps.
● Extra safety measures include an inboard switch handle, outboard ESD button, and door interlock switch.
● SIGMA’s PhotoSIGMA software is recommended for improving efficiency and reliability.
Full Body UV Phototherapy Equipment
PT8 Full Body UV Phototherapy Equipment
Full Body UV Therapy MachineFull Body UV Therpay for psoriasis
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