3.2 JTS timing chain issues

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3.2 JTS timing chain issues

Postby Mark Muller » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:56 pm

Hopefully someone here can help me....,,recently acquired a stunning 159 3.2 Ti in mint condition. What a gorgeous car.
Never owned an Alfa before, so thought I would take the plunge. To my horror I have heard that these engines all stretch their timing chains and the cost to do a job like this is astronomical. Local agents here in Cape Town quoted R96000!!!!!!
That is totally insane- half the value of the car. At this stage mine is still fine, but I don’t sleep well at night with a potential R96k bill hanging over my head. From what I have heard all 3 chains are changed, all guides and tensioners, crank sprocket and all 4 cam VVT Variators.

I can understand the labor expense, as it’s an engine out job, but the Alfa spares are insane. I have also heard that all these parts are interchangeable with the GM parts .....this is originally a Holden/GM motor with reworked Alfa top end.
The GM parts are a fraction of the price.
Has anybody else heard of this problem or have experience with options regarding this problem.
Would really appreciate any help!!
Mark Muller
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